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Request a quotation for a shipment

Send us the particulars of the item(s) you plan to purchase online or ship, and we will send you the estimated shipping cost. 

We will need the total number of packages, the total physical weight of the packages, as well as the estimated dimensions of the packages such as the length, width, and height.

After receiving the information, we will send a quotation to the email address entered in the Quotation Request Form

Please note that the quotation will not include customs fees. This information will be provided once your shipment has been assessed by Jamaican customs. 

Quotation Request Form

If You Shop and Ship...

Fehtch has been providing excellent delivery services to our clients for some time, and now we are expanding into other service areas. This expansion includes deepening our logistics services to include international shipping, payment services, and peer-to-peer services,  that can add value as well as lower costs.

These new offerings are necessitated by market forces, and by applying our expertise to these services, Fehtch will make a difference and transform people’s lives.



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