Jamaican Shopping: We Love Amazon, But Walmart Is Great Too

Most Jamaicans shopping online heard initially of Amazon, started to use them and simply overtime have never bothered to pay attention to rising competitors such as Walmart.

Walmart is from the old school built on the ‘brick and mortar’ business model, but with changing times and loss of market share in the retail space, they have been making strides and at least closing the gap on Amazon with their modern ‘marketplace’ business model. It’s hard to understand with all the resources at Amazon’s fingertips why it took them so long to understand being more the facilitator between buyers and sellers is a much more efficient business approach in the internet age.

Thankfully, they have awoken from a deep sleep and it’s good thing given all the benefits a healthy competitive environment brings and especially with Covid 19 on us, Walmart is out with a bang already for the 2020 shopping holidays.

See deals on at Walmart right!

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