Shipping Is Easy With Fehtch

There are three simple steps when shipping with FEHTCH; SHOP, PAY, and ENJOY. Look below to learn more. Also, take a couple of minutes to register with us. it’s quick, easy, and free.

Step 1: Send us the invoice for your online purchase

Once you have successfully registered with Fehtch, go to your favourite website and SHOP until your heart content. During checkout, simply enter one of the shipping addresses you received during registration. Remember, the address will depend on the weight of your package.

Send us the invoice once you have completed your purchase

Step 2: Pay when your shipment is in Jamaica

Sit back and relax as your package is shipped to Jamaica. Once your shipment is safely in Jamaica, we will notify you of its arrival as well as the relevant fees to be paid to customs.  Once payment has been confirmed, your shipment will be cleared by our efficient logistics team. 

Step 3: Pickup or arrange delivery at your convenience

Once your shipment has cleared customs, you can arrange delivery at a time convenient for you. In no time at all, you will be able to show-off your cute new handbag, connect your new top of the line headphones, or make delicious smoothies with your new blender. Shopping online is easy with Fehtch

Learn more about us and our range of services!

Learn more about us and our range of services!



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